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As part of our portfolio of investment activities, we have decided to support the implementation of a new approach to payments to retail customers through digital payments via PSD2.

During the previous experience of cooperation with the European Central Bank, it was clear to us that the mobile phone within the implementation of PSD2 will become essential in communication, especially with e-merchants.   

It acquired the company ZNPay in the autumn of 2021. At the same time, we prepared the first round for potential investors.  

You can find more information at


Business company type:  

A joint stock company based in Prague.

Main activity of the company:  


Payment institution regulated by the Czech National Bank for PISP and AISP payment services.


Basic description:  

  1. ​The offered company operates a unique digital payment platform for clients and merchants within B2B, B2C, and B2B2C using digital payments via mobile banking. 

  2. The primary payment method is a guaranteed payment transfer without the need to use a payment card.

  3. The client has a complete overview of his mobile transactions. The possibility of using VISA and MC cards also serves as an additional method. The client has the opportunity to combine funds from several banks and payment cards in one place.

  4. The merchant has a complete overview of received transactions and at the same time funds are immediately available.

  5. On-boarding of clients and merchants is carried out fully online with a secured functional and approved KYC & AML process by the regulator, including the use of online possible biometrics or the use of BANKID in the Czech Republic.  

  6. All participants in the payment eco-system use other structures that enhance the daily use of the electronic wallet, such as a centralized system of personalized marketing, E-voucher management, online "push" notifications and other tools.

  7. Easy implementation on the merchant site using the API / SDK simplifies connection to end devices.

  8. Possibility of integration into the merchants's web environment  - developed online payment gateway


​​If you are interested, please contact:  or by filling in the basic form or directly on the website .  


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