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Still moving

Do you also sometimes feel that nothing is moving anywhere? That interesting visions have emerged in the recent past as "something2020". And suddenly, we are already experiencing the year 2022. So we can retune to 2030 ?.  


In recent years, we have realized that in digital technologies it is really not possible to plan for longer than 3 years and  so  on vision 2030 in this area  let's forget  and let's look at the current situation. But even so, we must all acknowledge that time is simply flying.  

More exacerbated by the time we are currently experiencing after 2 years with Covid-19, it is clear that digitalization is still learning to handle very difficult moments across the market. The digitization of processes will be all the more important when the new Ukrainian crisis ends.  

In recent years, for example, "Digital Banking" has played several important moments in the field. PSD2 has been launched, new development for Digital Acquiring and Issuing has begun, Cash Management is constantly improving and, above all, the general desire for "Innovation" and even "Card Innovation" is at the top.

It's still true: "The Digital First," and they are  subordinate  all our actions in the field of payment management. 

Who we are?

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Ing. Miroslav Pekárek

+420 603 459 551

PMG Capital s.r.o.

Bohuslava Niederleho 1018

272 04 Kladno

IČO: 06998771

DIČ: CZ06998771

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